Online Reputation Management in Spokane


Roughly 80 percent of prospective customers will check the internet for reviews of your business or product. With numbers like that, are you comfortable allowing customers to learn about you from a third party or erroneous review? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a partner, company, or service out there that could be counted on to help you build, fix, or maintain your online reputation? That is where our online reputation management services, otherwise known as ORM, come in.

We have customized services to help you build, fix, or maintain your online reputation and we are based out of Spokane, so if you’re in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho we can meet with you in person and provide you a face to the service you’ll be depending on.

What can you expect from this Spokane online reputation management company? You will get a quick and effective plan that you will be part of from the start. We don’t utilize “secret sauce” when working on your online reputation and will let you know what we are doing every step of the way and how this will affect your online reputation. We will also help you build a plan to fix your reputation from the source, your customers. Our custom online reputation management plans include tools to allow you to efficiently ask customers for reviews while allowing them to inform you directly of any negative experiences they have had. Many upset customers are seeking a place to express their frustrations, our online reputation management services provide them a way to express these frustrations, an avenue for you to respond to their frustrations. The best part of these plans is that any negative statements will not land on the front page of the search engines but will stay internal.

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