What determines my pay per click advertisement placement and cost?

Unfortunately most people believe online advertising to work somewhat like conventional advertising, where you pay your hard earned bucks and your ad shows wherever you’d like to be. The truth is that it can’t be further from the truth. Google is the major player when it comes to search pay per click advertisements and they utilize an advanced formula which takes into account many different variables from the selected keyword to the relevance of the destination page and site. From that high level description of what goes on it’s easy to see that simply paying for an ad doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the traffic that you hope for or at the economical price that is generally advertised on Googles Adwords page. We can spend time writing what can and can’t be done to provide quality score for your site, but Google has already taken the time to describe this in detail in a great video. If you’re interested, take the time to watch this video.

The reason pay per click advertising management is offered as one of our services is to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world pay per click ads. While you can spend hours upon hours determining the best way to optimize your pay per click advertising campaign, we have already taken that step and our economical services are great for allowing you to keep providing the great product you do while we optimize your ads to drive traffic to your site.

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